Sacramento Mile Win!

Sacramento Mile Win!

Sacramento Mile Race Report

May 19th

The week leading up to the Sacramento mile was a stressful week full of long days and nights in the shop for my mechanic and myself. We spent multiple days at the dyno trying out different engine, electronic, and exhaust packages. We finally found one that we really enjoyed on Friday at 5pm the night before the race. After we got that done the key to the whole weekend was going shopping and buying my new “lucky” shoes!

Saturday morning was normal following my routine and getting to the track to get all setup for the day. I felt pretty good going into qualifying. Once we got out there and I was able to feel out the bike I was super happy with what we had built that week. After qualifying was all said and done I ended up fast qualifying for the second time in my career. I was pretty happy doing that and having the momentum on my side going into the night show. In the heat race I chose to start on the top and got a okay start coming into turn one in second I believe. I made a quick pass down the back stretch and never saw someone again winning the heat by one second. In the semi I sat pole for that again and got another okay start going into corner one in second place again making another quick pass to get up into first. I got drafted once late in the race, but I was able to quickly make the pass back and win the semi. This was my first time ever winning a semi at an AFT race. This led to me sitting pole for the  main event which I have never done either. In the main I knew exactly what I had to do and where I had to be to land myself on the podium. I finally got a good launch in the main and was able to pull the holeshot. For the first seven laps I put down the best ones I could to try and separate from the field but the 450s are so close in power this really isn’t possible at Sacramento. Around lap eight is when things started to get dicey for me. I was getting drafted once a lap until the last lap now. The stressful part of that deal was that it was not just one rider, but four different riders. At one point I went back to fourth place but was able to make a huge triple draft for the lead down the front straight away. I was pretty sure that  if I led off of turn four that I had the race won. Wells ran her off deep into three on the last lap which I expected, but he blew the groove allowing me right back by to lead to the checkered which I wanted. Down the front stretch I had my head down barely looking where I was going and I could taste victory it was so close. Then I saw a bike coming up on the right of me fast but luckily it didn’t have the draft to pass. Then a bike came rocketing up on the left and I thought that might be it for my race win. But luckily my Yamaha was the strongest down that front straight away and I was able to win my second ever grand national singles race. I pulled a entire back straightaway long wheelie and went on to celebrate my win. This would not have been possible without my team Estenson Racing, my mechanic Andrew Butler, and the guys building my engines behind the scenes.

We move on now to prepare for the Springfield TT this coming weekend along with myself racing an Indian FTR 750 at the Springfield mile on Sunday. I am really looking forward to see where I can stack up in that class with a new Indian. It will be an interesting weekend, but I hope our bad luck is gone and we are building momentum for the rest of the season.