Lonestar HM Race Report

Lonestar HM Race Report

Lonestar Half Mile Race Report

Current points standing 1st



Going into the Lonestar half mile we left on Wednesday morning. I must have taken my race bike apart and put back together 10 times in the week we had off. I wanted to make sure I did everything I could do to prevent having a mechanical failure during the race. So on the drive there we picked up my mechanic and had plans on driving until midnight then getting a hotel. Well it ended up me sitting in the drivers seat at 4pm and driving until 8am the next morning cause I was in the zone haha. So we got to the race track here and was able to just relax on Thursday, and Friday. 

On Saturday morning the track didn’t come together like it could have and ended up being different then I expected. Beyond that I went out and was able to fast qualify for the first time in my life. That made my team and I pretty happy knowing we could build on that all day. They had a dash for cash for the top 6 qualifiers and I went out and rode around to finish in 2ND place safely. In the semi off of starting line we fried a clutch pretty badly. I came off the line in 4th place and safely worked my way up to finish in 3rd to guarantee a front row starting spot in the main. My team went to work putting in a fresh set of Rekluse plates and my 2nd new brake disk of the day. Going into the main event I had the 6th starting spot on the line which wasn’t great, but I made it work getting off of the line in 4th place. I wasn’t messing around in the main quickly passing for 3rd and then for 2nd a lap or two later. I tracked down 1st place and tried a lot of different tactics, but I wasn’t able to make a complete pass for the win. We were able to be fast all day, and this is the first time I was able to run that fast and hard on a half mile. The bike is working great right now. 

We are going into the final round in Perris with the same mindset as always and that is to win the race. We are going to be on a new motorcycle come next weekend, and I am really looking forward to it. We have a 24 point lead over second place and looking for one more good result this year to finish out strong. Thanks for all your continued support and lets keep this dream alive.