Atlanta Race Report

Atlanta Race Report

Atlanta Short Track Race Report



After my big get off in Daytona it was almost unsure wether I would make Atlanta or not. I had set in my head that I would be there, but until the morning of the race I wouldn’t truly know if I could do it or not. I had started physical therapy on Monday before the race and I was having trouble lifting up a one pound dumb bell. Well I put my head down and gritted my teeth through the pain and by the time Thursday came around to test at Travelers Rest I knew I would be ready. I was almost immediately back to where I was before Daytona with my lap times. I did about 30 laps and felt ready to go. 

On Saturday it almost seemed impossible we would race with the weather but we did. The track was pretty killer on Saturday being hooked up and allowing us riders to ride as hard as we could. I was second in free practice and ended up qualifying in 10th place. I went out and led my heat race start to finish over a fast field of riders. I felt awesome and ready going into the semi but it started to rain too heavily and they postponed the race until Sunday. On Sunday the track was a lot more dry and technical. It made for the riders to have to ride super smooth. In my semi I had a good start running second until I got my left side bar clipped which hurt my shoulder. I shuffled back to seventh and ended up fifth in the semi. In the main I had a great start from the back row but got shuffled around a lot. It was a long main event and I had a great battle with Shayna for the last five laps. At the end of the day I finished in eighth place which isn’t where I know I can be, but given the circumstances with my injury I was grateful to leave Atlanta with some points along with my body not getting injured worse. We are building momentum and I am really looking forward to round three in Texas where I finished a very close second place last year. I am back in Phoenix now and preparing my body to get ready to battle. 

Kolby Carlile

American Flat Track  #1